Our 2020 exhibits include fishing and farming in Westray and a pictorial celebration of 20 years of the Westray Development Trust and its positive impact on Westray.

We’ve put a number of precautions in place to keep visitors and staff safe, including a one-way system in both halls, markings on the floor to help you keep your distance, a limit on visitor numbers and plenty of hand sanitiser. We would ask you to wear a face mask at all times, in line with Scottish Government instructions.


Monday: 11.30am-5pm

Tuesday-Saturday: 9am-12 noon and 2-5pm

Sunday: 1.30pm-5pm.

Westray Heritage Centre is a four-star museum, archive and information centre in the island’s main village of Pierowall.

As well as staging exhibitions focusing on Westray’s history and storing an archive of artefacts, documents and photographs, we have resources for those researching family history, the story of farming, fishing and other trades in the island and an insight into the ongoing archaeological investigations here.

The centre is also the home of the 5,000-year-old “Westray Wife” figurine, also known as Orkney Venus, (pictured above right), found at the Links of Noltland in 2009, and the the fabulous carvings on the Westray Stone, discovered by accident in a quarry Pierowall in 1981.

The monthly Westray island newsletter ‘Auk Talk’ is produced by the Heritage Trust and available in the island’s shops, at the Heritage Centre and by subscription. Contact us at the Heritage Centre for details.

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